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Director's Message

Managing Director

Managing Director's Message

1.  I heartily wish you all Happy 72nd Republic Day. Now, let us take pledge to honour the essence of this National Festival, serve the society, CWC & Nation to the best of our ability, respect the law of land, act as per empowerment, duty & responsibility.

2.  Today, we have released the e-calendar 2021. It is yet another digital milestone. It is well thought & prepared. I congratulate Sh A. M. Rao, GGM (Pers&MIS) and all team members of Personnel and MIS Divisions, for their nice effort & novel idea, intended to save trees / environment. We will improve it further with your suggestions in coming days. It will be a dynamic e-calendar, to be shared among customers employees & all stakeholders.

3. Today, we have launched the strategic initiative, that is, first ever Brainstorming session, on the alternative usage of vacant land. Remember, either we make the best commercial usage of scarce & costly vacant land or else, the Central Govt. will monetize land, but that will be at the great financial loss of Corporation. We have to perform or else we will perish, like many old days landlord.
At this stage, I would like to congratulate GM/Commercial, Sh Samuel Pravin Kumar, for his proactive thinking towards the growth of Corporation.

4. Let me share memoir of IIT Delhi-1985. Late Dr.(Prof) Krishnamurthy gave a piece of plastic & postcard to all 25 students in brainstorming classroom, with project, "alternative usage of plastic material". My classmates came with various options, right from small button of shirt to spare parts of rocket for the journey of mankind to Moon.

5. There may be an absurd idea but do not stop your imagination. Be positive. Do not criticize. Do not laugh at others. Do not hold your ideas. All problems have more than one solution. Just jot down ideas and share and frankly discuss out. During final brainstorming session, narrow down to possible applied solution, i.e. implementable one.

6. At the end of each Brainstorming session, you should take action notes/ points. Remember, plans are mere piece of paper, till it degenerates into hard results. And CWC future lies in your meanigful/ well intended action. Catch opportunity at the first instance and match it to corporation diverse business profile and act.

7. Also remember my honest statement, "all of you are the Managing Director of your site, Central Warehouses, Regional Office". You must have pride & ownership. You must think, it is your Corporation. Dear, it's all a mind game, whether you want to climb Mt. Everest or not.

8.  Last but not the least, I wish this first Brainstorming session, a grand success. Your team lead Sh Samuel Pravin Kumar has choosen a beautiful tagline, brain for business of the brainhouse of CWC.

9. Dear Pravin, I am personally thankful to you for making CWC a vibrant, full of energy & joyful Corporation. 

Jai Hind